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About me… 

Lines have always fascinated me.  As a child I drew the things in my world.  Later that became cartoon characters then people I knew.  A drawing pad and pencil were never far away.  The bulk of my artwork was graphite.  I studied for a time at the Art Institute of Chicago, but it wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I took a serious step toward painting.   My husband worked for the local college and encouraged me to sign up for a class.  That opened a new door to me.  I was trained in oils and exposed to a number of venues.  This tapped the creative reservoir in me.   From that time on I became a devoted “student” experimenting with new mediums and any different approach to painting that perked my interest from books and articles I read.

 My first instructor at the college taught us to make our own canvases and even to make a “shaped” canvas.  These were a designed shape, other than square.  That opened an interesting path for a while.  My work was moving and evolving in many different ways. 

When I arrived in Orlando, Florida, my current home, I was still not associated with a gallery and there was not much available at that time.  When I decided to look to my artwork as a profession it seemed the only doors open were in scenic arts and murals because of the famous theme parks.  I have enjoyed the experience this has afforded me.  It has broadened my painting skills and enabled me to tap on the broad base of information I acquired during my personal experimental times. 

The murals I have done afforded me the size of “canvas” (buildings) that I really get charged about.  I love some of the larger projects that have come my way that cause my mind to begin working on it from the moment I hear it.  Those challenges that start me through a mental roll-a-dex of experiences to piece together this new job. 

Currently, I enjoy a good reputation and client base in my home town and am looking forward to spending time developing more avenues with my personal paintings.